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Bottle Light Kits

We love upcycling empty bottles into beautiful lamps!  Any wine bottle or gin bottle or similar can be easily and quickly transformed into these amazing lights! 
Your kit will comprise:
  • A ready to apply vinyl decal.
  • A set of special LED bottle lights, that are battery operated with the batteries and switch cleverly hidden in the "cork" (no assembly required).
  • A full set of application instructions with photographs.
  • A spare set of batteries - because I know how often you will use your new bottle light.

You will also need:

  • A clean, empty bottle with the label and any residual glue removed.
  • A strip of masking tape to enable correct placement of the decal on your bottle.
  • A store card or squeegee to rub the design onto the bottle.

That is all there is to it!  A lot of our designs can be personalised, or I can create a  custom design just for you.

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